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Easily How to Send Money Through Alfamart

One of my brother now there are going to school in Jakarta. Well, coincidentally at that time I was confused want to send money to him who do not have accounts. Turns out I just know if I can send money through alfamart. The process is also easy without a long queue at the bank.

Usually, yes I transfer money via atm or through a bank teller. Even then, after knowing the destination account number. Initially I know for browsing as well. So in one of the posts there are kecopetan in port and need cash immediately.

Well, it turns out in the port there is a minimarket. Why must pass minimarket? Actually, the conventional way to send money without an account can use postal orders. But the technology is already inferior to delivery through a bank account.

Especially now that the number of minimarkets more than the existence of the post office. Sure, there are cars that can go around the post but the number is very limited. Not to mention the constraints of the opening hours of post offices following the working hours. Differences with minimarket which sometimes can be open 24 hours.

Long story short, victims kecopetan in the harbor could earn money after his transfer through alfamart. The process is quite easy. If you also have the same constraints can come to alfamart nearby.
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Terms send money through alfamart

    KTP sender
    No mobile phone money transmitters
    No mobile receiver money
    The money will be sent


After all of the terms complete, I then went to one alfamart near my office. Live crossed wrote. Moreover, there are three mini also around my office in West Jakarta.

Once told to guard the store, then I serviced at a shop keeper. He immediately asked for the terms requested.

I immediately alert provide my ID card. Then he recorded it on a form sheet. Well, usually the deposit slip like that in the bank, should customers who fill themselves. While in alfamart, shop keepers who will fill out a form.

After all the data is complete, I asked mobile phone number payee. Some branches there are on notification via sms. But in the branch that I visited, only provide a piece of paper.

Do not forget to send the code to the withdrawal of the person who will receive the money. I just stayed photographic evidence and send receipts using whatsapp to my sister.

But it could also still aja sms code. Fearing the recipient does not have the data packets so it can not open whatsapp, let alone open the transmitted images.

Shipping Money Through Alfamart

As in the bank, no admin fee that should be paid. But there's also a bank that does not charge admin. Unless the inter-bank transfers usually charge an admin about Rp10 thousand.

Now, while the cost of admin send money via alfamart for some money Rp600 thousand, charged Rp15 thousand. I do not understand if the cost is greater if the nominal delivered too much.
Excess Send Money Through Alfamart

    Free queue at certain hours
    Open 24 hours for a particular branch
    The process is easy and fast
    Could be disbursed in alfamart branch anywhere in Indonesia
    Easy terms without an account number or atm

Disadvantages Send Money Through Alfamart

    The administration fee is more expensive than shipping via bank or atm

Well, that's my experience Kirm money through alfamart. The same process can also be done in Indomaret. My knowledge of their cooperation with one telecommunication provider so that it can use money transfer services were verified by Bank Indonesia.

Well, how to take the money sent by alfamart also very easy anyway. My sister came to stay alfamart nearest branch, and then he just stayed indicate withdrawal code to the cashier or shop keeper.

Well, may be useful yes. If you find this post helpful, dong may help in your facebook or share via social media you have.

If you have questions about how to send money via this katalog alfamart, you can send questions via the comments below.

It turns out there is my fb friends who have the experience to send money from Bandung to Sumedang. The amount is about 2 million. Well, according to his experience money can be taken even when the cash is added on Monday.

So, just a suggestion, for a larger amount of cash should be taken on the day plus namely Monday. Because cash each branch must have different numbers, especially among the branches in the city and in the village.

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