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hypermarket giant consumer loyalty Taman Yasmin

One business that is growing rapidly in Indonesia is a modern retail. A large number of Indonesian population is the target market of high potential for retailers to market their products. This condition causes the competition is very tight and demanding retailers to have advantages over the competition by providing maximum satisfaction to customers in the shop.

Giant Taman Yasmin as one of the players in the retail industry precisely in Bogor need to provide various needs of consumers so that consumers feel satisfied shopping at Giant Taman Yasmin. Consumers who are satisfied tend to come back to the retailer where they shopped But besides the satisfaction of consumers, Giant Taman Yasmin needs to establish a loyal customer. Faithful loyal customers will shop at Giant Taman Yasmin.

Therefore Giant Taman Yasmin need to know the factors that affect customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The purpose of the study are: (1) analyze the characteristics of consumers Giant Taman Yasmin, (2) analyze the factors that affect customer satisfaction Giant Taman Yasmin, (3) analyze the factors of customer satisfaction the dominant influence on consumer loyalty Giant Taman Yasmin. The data used in this study are primary data and secondary data.

The primary data sourced from consumers Giant Taman Yasmin and marketing manager and manager of HR Giant Taman Yasmin. While secondary data obtained from the literature in the form of company data, books, journals, and other literature related to the research that is being done. The study was conducted from February to April 2009. The respondents in this study is that consumers Giant Taman Yasmin who was shopping on condition've been to Giant Taman Yasmin before the study was conducted.

The analytical method used in data processing is factor analysis and discriminant analysis with data processing equipment SPSS version 15. The results revealed that consumers Giant Taman Yasmin majority are consumer advocates who have a very high level of loyalty.

Based on the results of the factor analysis method of principal component analysis (principle component analysis) yielded five major components (factors). Factor products and services (variable quality of the goods, the cleanliness of the store, the color of the room, and in response to a complaint after the transaction), the factors of the transaction (variable speed of transactions, the decor and layout of products and product displays), promotional factors (variables ads that can be trusted, music and compelling ads), location and price factors (variables easy access to transport, the price offered and the discounted price).

Factors that influence satisfaction on consumer loyalty based on the results of discriminant analysis factor is the location and the prices the dominant influence on repeat customer. While the factors that dominant influence on consumer clients and advocates is the katalog giant promotion factor.

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