Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Super Indo Offer Franchise Supermarket Named Lion Express

Once in operation since 1997, Super Indo is now opening up to offer a package of partnership (franchise) named Lion Express.

Investors only need to provide the building and start-up capital, the initial inventory of products to be prepared opening Super Indo.

Lani S Budianto, CFO & SVP Business Development Support PT Lion Super Indo says that the retail business, especially groceries, promising profits stable and capable of withstanding the dynamic economy.

"Super Indo has a good brand. Investors benefit from the brand and our reputation that has been tested for 19 years," said Lani time talk show about franchising at the International Franchise, License and Business Concept Expo at the Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, Thursday (3 / 6).

According to Lani, Lion Express is the first franchise supermarket in Indonesia. To get a license, the investor is required to pay the franchise fee amounting to Rp100 million for a period of 10 years.

The building area required for Lion Express outlets is about 500 square meters.

As for the cost of the investment, estimated to be around 2.5 billion figure.

"Figures that it is only illustrative only. The cost of this investment depends on the condition of the building that will be used, because we have to prepare equipment such as racks, IT systems, cooling, and so on," said Lani.

Tim Lion Express, said Lani, will conduct site surveys, design development of the building, to the layout and preparation for the opening of stores.

Investement also includes application and operating system supermarket managed by PT Lion Super Indo.

"We do not limit the entities financiers, may be natural or legal persons such as CV and cooperatives, as long as it follows all the rules of the government," said Lani.

In the near future, around the end of July 2016, the first franchise outlet Lion Express will soon be opened in Jalan Pahlawan, Rempoa, South Jakarta.

Mardiono Lion Express franchise holders first, the claim that investment costs outlets not to Rp1 billion.

"That's because the land and the building of our own, conditions are also ready-made, living interior and operating systems only. If the building lease ya can approximate 2 billion to 3 billion," he said.

Mardiono sure these outlets will be in great demand because of the katalog Superindo people who will run the operation of the outlets.

"Since the first Super Indo our customers. I see good management, I believe Lion Express is not far from its parent company

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