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Why Indomaret Gak Sih Can Sign Bengkulu

Unlike the Central Bengkulu that denies the existence Indomaret. In the city of Bengkulu even been standing 9 Indomaret point. As Raflesia Road, Jalan Flamboyan, Watermelon Road, Jalan Belimbing, Jalan Salak, Lake Road, Jalan Sidomulyo, Jalan Kapten Tandean and Rawa Makmur.

Indomaret existence also presents the pros and cons of the community. There is support, but many do not support.

Why Indomaret not supported. Some reasons for the presence of Indomaret can make a dead stall / minimarket similar. Many traders are predicted to be kind of quiet, closed and bankrupt.

Naturally, it could happen because Indomaret franchise is managed by large companies. Is managed large and capital intensive. Away with the usual stalls capital which is managed individually. In connection just Indomaret away wins compared with the usual stalls. Moreover pengelolahannya, menejemennya and capital. All of the above is even remotely from the usual stalls.

Unknown Indomaret is one subsidiary of the Salim Group is managed by PT. Indomarco Prismatama. The forerunner of the opening Indomaret in Kalimantan and the first store opened in Ancol, North Jakarta, in 1988.

Until 2014 Indomaret reach 10,600 outlets. It was 60% of total stores are self-owned and franchised outlets remaining 40% belongs to the people, scattered in towns in Greater Jakarta, Sumatra, Java, Madura, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. In Jakarta, there are about 488 outlets.

Besides the pros and cons about the existence Indomaret this was also triggered by information from the city government declared Indomaret not permit. As stipulated in Article 12 and 13 of Presidential Decree 112/2007 in conjunction with Article 12 of Regulation 53/2011.

There are a number of licenses that must be completed by Indomaret. As Mayor Permit principle of Bengkulu, the results of Socio-Economic Conditions Analysis Society as well as recommendations from the authorities, Permit Area of ​​the National Land Agency, Permit Act Disorders (HO), Building Permit (IMB).

Additionally, Indomaret must also have, certificate of incorporation and approval, plans a partnership with micro and small businesses, a statement of capability to implement and comply with regulatory requirements, as well as feasibility studies including environmental impact assessment, especially the cultural and social implications for traffickers local retail.

          This means that before beroperasional, Indomaret must complete all of the terms and conditions which have been mentioned earlier. Then why if not complete the terms anyway, can go to? Unmitigated in nine points. Yes very quickly.

 If seen from the performance of this franchise. Not only stall or similar stores that will be unrivaled. But also because the services are also available in Indomaret common payment services such as electricity, telephone, money transfers, purchase of air tickets, train and so forth. All can be served in Indomaret. I've tried shopping in Rawa Indomaret prosperous, then queue at aksir crowded. I do not know, what for new or simply because people feel more comfortable shopping there, including me.

Indomaret influx is also a threat to the existing supermarkets such as Giant Hypermart and that indeed was already there and known by the people of the city of Bengkulu. Their customers will automatically be reduced.

Indomaret presence but also can have a positive impact as employment, service facilities to consumers, the inclusion of revenue (PAD), and the possibility berafiliasinya original products Bengkulu.

The entry of Indomaret indeed be a manifestation of the consequences of the application of free market the Asean Economic Community (AEC). Bengkulu also should prepare to greet him.

In this case it is the duty of the government through relevant agencies to protect the public and maintain the security to do their share of economic activity. Including protecting the small traders, shops, supermarkets who are already there. Especially if keberdaan they had been granted permission.

What can be done by the government to protect or ensuring economic agents in the city of Bengkulu. In my opinion, if Indomaret keep going in and opened. Then there is the miraculous things that can be done by the government through the relevant agencies.

First, in order to provide training, education about pengelolahan and management of his store for good. Provide training on how to develop the market.

Second, Indomaret given time or schedule that clearly open and close. For example open at 9 am. Close 9 pm, so that its activity can be limited. Not open 24 hours. Thus providing more time for the shop or store individual

Third, the location katalog Indomaret preferably in a side street only. So in alley, residential, residential fixed stalls or shops

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